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nine of wands


coffee stains on my shoes

The Stoop
nine of wands
I LOVE "The Stoop" story telling series {Creative Alliance & broadcast on WYPR}

This story is my current fav: www.stoopstorytelling.com/shows/33/storytellers/282

Sooooo funny. Perfect story to listen to while folding laundry.

chicken stew
nine of wands
One of my passions is cooking from scratch. I learned the art of cooking quite young as a form of self defense. My mother although good at many things, cannot cook worth a damn, and her mother had issues with boiling water. My Serbian Romani grandmother on the other hand was a wonderful cook and made everything from scratch. I was lucky to learn from her.

Tonight after cleaning Fuzzhead messes from my kitchen for three hours this AM, I made a decent chicken stew for dinner. {Making soups from scratch is one of my fav things.}

Chicken Stew

2 tbsp olive oil - or a slightly more if you are a glutton like me
approx 1 cup each chopped onions {red or white - not yellow} - celery - carrots
cook down until fragrant and onions start to turn translucent
sea salt / fresh ground black pepper to taste

2 cups chicken broth or stock
{I used pre-made this time since I was out of homemade}
1 can diced tomatoes
{I prefer Trader Joe's fire roasted, but any good brand not tasting like the can will do}
1 cup water
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts - whole
one handful of fresh basil leaves chopped {or if out of season raid your freezer for a couple of tablespoons of the frozen homemade pesto from last summer}
1 bay leaf
add all to the above veggies and simmer until the chicken is done

Remove chicken to a plate and shred with two forks
add one can of your fav beans {kidney, garbanzos, black beans, etc - be sure to drain & rise beans several times before adding } I used black beans this time because that is what I had

Return chicken to the pot
check salt / pepper to taste
finish with a handful of fresh parsley {or cilantro if it does not taste like soap to you}

Serve with a nice French bread - makes 4  servings
Served this eve with homemade lemonade

See photo at:

I love so you NEED to be abused it is really ok mom
nine of wands
Today was a hell day. I woke up at the usual time around 6AM. I wanted to finish painting the living room wall I started yesterday, but knew if I so much as went to take a pee it would wake up and anger the little one. At 10 when he finally got up and I got the full brunt of his wrath because I disturbed him by "typing too loud". He then DEMANDED that I take him to some idiot store because he wanted to buy $50 of boardgames "for mother's day". It angered him further when  I only had $17 in cash and the place would not let him use my bank card. I drove him home. That was at  11AM. He stole my keys, wallet and phone and I could not even get into the apartment. I spent hours just sitting outside the door. At 4:30 he finally came back from playing wherever he had been. He then called his father and told him how much I had been picking on him. Great. I got told to be nicer to him and do what he wants. He wanted dinner at Taco Bell. Great. That brat spent $17 on junk food "to be nice" to me. $17 was my farmers market and laundry money for the week. So much for a decent weekend. So much for nice.

no work - again
nine of wands
Holding my breath again. The gig I was supposed to work this weekend was canceled. Ouch. That means the company will keep the deposit etc, but there is no compensation for crew. I guess that I need to start job hunting. Humph. Not even really sure what I can do. Let's see a master's degree and a lot of arts experience is just about useless. And being a 52 yr old fat lady means your less valuable than your average 16 yr old. I need help in identifying my job skills and abilities, other than being told I have none. Called my grad school career development office - wow what a joke. Gotta get moving on this FAST.

still holding my breath
nine of wands
Crisis averted - well at least for today. I managed to get work to give me a small loan. It is being paid back out of the next four paychecks which makes it all extra hard. That way I can avoid paying several hundred $$ in bank fees and perhaps pay an installment on my rent.  I guess the bottom line is that I need to take a second job. But that will just leave the wild child at home alone more and doing more destruction. Gezz why does life always need to be so stress filled?

On the home front Mr. Drama has screamed at me now steady since 6PM. Why? Because I did the horrid thing and asked him to do his homework. Man I am soooooo mean. No homework - no Game Boy.

Well at least I figured out the days that I am going off to Cape Cod - hey the cat still needs a ride. So I can take a few days on the warm sand. Now I have to find a cat sitter.  And ooooo I FINALLY learned to finger knit. I can be the envy of every 11 yr old now. Made myself an "ok" belt for use with garb. I think after I do another one of those I will be ready for finger knitting 101 - well as long as I don't get too much cat help.

no help
nine of wands
Spent the morning finding that there is no help this time - not even health care for Fuzzhead. I even tried to cash the savings bond that I have and the bank refuses. Not sure what happens next. I think that I am just going to have a long hard cry.  

nine of wands
nine of wands
Interesting card to have come across today:

"The Nine of Wands also known as the Nine of Staves indicates to you that even though obstacles may seem insurmountable you must continue to push toward your goal or dream in a safe and informed way."

Although I could work from 10-3 today {with an hour out for lunch} I am taking the day off. I need to see if I can make a zillion phone calls and work through some of the storms on the horizon. But first I need to unglue my eye lids from the back of my head. Coffee needed. Who knows maybe I will even find a little time to clear a space to do a little sewing. That would be very nice.

sunsets and 12 steps
nine of wands
A good friend, whom I miss terribly, used to tell me that I had already had enough clouds in my life to make a beautiful sunset. Well I guess I am now working on clouds and sunsets for the next life as well. In March with my heart mess, I was told to cut the stress in half and double my usual 3-4 hours of sleep. Ha! Guess they are not living in my world.

This week has had it's usual amount of tragedies and dramas. Once again, we are on the verge of being evicted. In Dec we were just starting to get back on our feet after our move from hell in Oct. Then came Jan and everything went down the dumper. Reduced work hours, just enough to not qualify for assistance, but not enough to pay bills; and of course no child support, {again}. By the end of Feb I had wiped out any cash reserves that I had started to rebuild. By the end of March my vacation days for the year had been gobbled as well as my small tax return. All during this mess it put me a month behind on rent. So now instead of being affordable, I am now at a house payment or more a month with all the add-ons & fees. Gezz so what does that get me? Ah the ever popular near eviction roller coaster. The last two months I have used all the good karma and graces that I have to avoid near disaster. It is taking its toll. This month I am not sure if I can pull it off again. Holding my breath on this one.
I am putting my son, Fuzzhead, on 12 step program to deal with his bad behavior. I have had it with the lying, stealing, tantrums, whole apartment messes, etc. This eve's adventures include, eating a whole tub of ginger snaps {and lying about it}, breaking his phone, dumping sour milk all over the floor {because I dared to ask him to take out the trash}, a dumpster rescue of a chair in the pouring rain {to which I said no, but he brought in anyways} and oh yes, the ever lovely trashing of the hall & kitchen and kicking over a half gallon of latex paint into beige carpet.

Stress reduction not even on the radar.

maybe time to start scribbling
nine of wands
I have had one of these for a while, just never used it. I preferred to talk to my friends about life in person rather than ruminate on an electronic page of sorts. More and more that of course is becomming an imposibility. So maybe I will give this a try. After all I have even started adding words to my many years old photo journal. So who knows.

This is going to be a place for telling the truth. That way, at lest to myself, I can see things scibbled down and try to tackle them one at a time.